Founder Troy Norcross Interviews Serai CTO Michael Reed on Blockchain & Business Strategy (Video)


Libra, What the heck is it?

Last month I presented at the monthly Beer and Blockchain event. The topic for the day way, “Libra. What the heck is it?” You can listen to the presentation (audio) as well as see the slides from the day from the link below. Thanks again to Craft Beer Coin, German Craft Beer and Mercato Metropolitano.

What is Libra?

It is NOT Facebook Coin That’s right. Libra is not Facebook’s cryptocurrency. Yes, it is Facebook’s brainchild and they built much of the tech. The Libra Association runs the Libra cryptocurrency. The Libra Association will have 100 members at launch and has started with a founding 28 members. The Libra Association is responsible for managing […]

Blockchain in Clinical Trials

I recently wrote an article for Innova Market Insights ( discussing how Blockchain can be used to improve clinical trials. You can download the entire article here: If you would like to know more about how Blockchain can be used within your industry, then please get in touch by emailing – or you can even […]

The Future Of Blockchain

In the last video of the Blockchain Essentials series Troy talks about the future of Blockchain technology. Watch this video if you want to find out what the future of Blockchain is. Get insights into the future applications of blockchain. Learn how Blockchain technology will evolve to provide support for new features and functions whilst […]

Dispelling Blockchain Myths – 3 Main Misunderstandings!

In the latest SVK Crypto video, Troy talks about the sustainability of blockchain. Are you a blockchain sceptic? Have you wondered if blockchain can be sustainable considering how much electricity it uses? Have you been told that blockchain will never take off because of speed and performance issues? Do you think that blockchain will never […]

How Much Shall I Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Troy Norcross, Co-Founder at Blockchain Rookies, talks about crypto investing. After watching this video you will be able to tell all of your friends how much they should invest in crypto based on “The 3 day Vegas Rule” We will answer: How much should I invest in cryptocurrencies? Is investing in crypto risky? What is […]

What is Blockchain?

Are you looking for a super clear and simple answer to the question: “What is Blockchain?” If so, this is the video for you. Learn about Blockchain core principles of distributed, decentralised and immutable. Understand, “What is mining?” Amaze your friends and impress your boss with a stunningly simple explanation of “What is Blockchain?” Your […]

Core Principles of Blockchain

What are the 3 core principles that make Blockchain trusted? Blockchain is decentralised, distributed and immutable. Blockchain has never been hacked thanks to the design of the software and cryptography. All of this makes Blockchain a trusted solution for transfer of value. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Blockchain: What’s The Point?

Working with SVK Crypto, Troy looks at the three core principles of Blockchain, explaining immutability, decentralisation and distribution in a simple and clear way. Watch as Troy explains the real world benefits of Blockchain and answers the all-important question – ‘what’s the point?’ Your browser does not support the video tag.