Beyond IoT: Upcoming Event


Beyond IoT: Upcoming Event

On 21st January, Troy Norcross, our founder here at Blockchain Rookies, will be speaking at the Beyond the Internet of Things event in Cork, Ireland. The conference will be attended by a host of SMEs, entrepreneurs and academics, all keen to learn more about innovative technology (IoT) and its potential for their business. Attendees will […]


Blockchain Education
We’ve had a busy few months here at Blockchain Rookies! As well as events closer to home, founder Troy Norcross has been going global with Blockchain education. Earlier this week, Troy touched down after a trip to Mumbai, having only recently returned from Hong Kong and Tokyo. Troy has been visiting the international offices of […]

Troy features in today’s City A.M.

Troy features in today’s City A.M. newspaper and discusses all things Blockchain in his article, “What is your Enterprise Blockchain Strategy?”. To read the full article, click here.      

EIC Investors’ Summit

Watch our founder Troy Norcross talk all things Blockchain with Jacek Figula at the EIC Investors’ Summit! #blockchain #DLT #innovation

The Fintech Times Hosts ‘HODL Your Nerve’ Event

On Monday evening, our founder Troy Norcross moderated a panel discussion of expert speakers at The Fintech Times’ ‘HODL Your Nerve’ event. In front of a live studio audience, the speakers discussed the current position of ICOs and the outlook for the future. The following article from The Fintech Times gives the rundown on a […]

A Blockchain Phone?

A Blockchain Phone?
HTC’s new venture, the ‘Exodus’, has got people talking in the blockchain sphere. The device, dubbed by some as a ‘Blockchain phone’, is part of the brand’s ‘’vision to expand the blockchain ecosystem.’’ The problem is: it’s NOT a Blockchain phone, as there is no such thing. HTC’s marketing team has run with a new […]

Blockchain for the Finance Industry – Troy’s Take

Blockchain for the Finance Industry – Troy’s Take A recent Telegraph article by investment commentator Garry White makes the bold claim that Blockchain ‘’will change the financial world forever’’. The technology, he states, could bring massive operational change in the coming years. The article discusses several solutions that Blockchain technology could offer to the financial sector, […]

Is Blockchain a fad?

Blockchain has been dubbed ‘the new internet’ by those who believe that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) could be revolutionary. In January, The Guardian labelled it ‘’this year’s buzzword’’ and the Financial Times has referred to the ‘’blockchain hype’’. Blockchain, the technology behind the much-publicised cryptocurrency bitcoin, was developed under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. The […]

Britain and Blockchain: Could the UK lead the way?

Union Flag
The subject of Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly recognisable to the UK general public. A disruptor for a wide range of industries, it is now being implemented by a variety of high profile UK companies. The finance industry, in particular, is seeing a revolution in its methods of data storage and transfer, with the space […]