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Troy is an experienced speaker, specialising in Blockchain and business growth. Having presented to several high-profile speakers, Troy works with enterprise clients looking to adjust their current strategy.

Drawing on his extensive experience in digital marketing and consultancy, Troy enables senior management teams to develop easy to implement strategies.

He decodes the Blockchain jargon, explaining its practical uses, and how it can deliver value through transparency.

Companies Troy has presented to:

“I invited Troy to be a guest speaker at one of our Alumni events. The objective of the event was to give our Alumni Associates a broad but thorough understanding of the Blockchain ecosystem. Broadly – what’s been happening, who is involved, what the entities are doing (both conceptually and practically), and what it means for us as individuals, as key stakeholders within financial businesses, for wider society, and across the regulatory environment. No easy task in 60mins! As a speaker, Troy is engaging, open, and personable. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Troy!” David Goldman, MThree Consulting

“We needed to get up-to-speed on the potential applications of blockchain in publishing and Troy was the right person to talk to. He helped up get a good understanding of what is possible, and the maturity of various existing blockchain projects. A pleasure to work with!Brad Peterson, CEO at Macromicro

“I interviewed Troy as a blockchain expert for an academic study on crypto economic trustlessness. Apart from his profound knowledge and expertise in the space, the study benefitted strongly from his great talent for explaining complicated and abstract concepts with very clear language.Steffen Sieler, Oxford Internet Institute

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